What is a web agency?

What can a web agency help me with?

What is a web agency?

Be visible on the internet thanks to the web agency

Get ready because the possibilities are endless! A web agency is like a magical genie who grants your digital wishes. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, an established business owner, or even just someone with a personal project in mind, these experts will have your back.

Web agencies all know the shortcuts (there are no tricks) to boost your online presence through strategic SEO techniques, social media campaigns, content creation strategies and much more. They will also guide you through the analytics maze to measure success, continually refining their approach for optimal results.

So, now you wonder: what else could a web agency do for me? The answer lies deep in the imagination!

Obviously, a lot depends on the web agency and the degree of expertise they have, or vision. As seen in other fields, the more cultured the SEO consultants are, the better the result or suggestions could be.

A web agency isn't just your average tech-savvy service provider; their service is more like a mystical online marketing that opens new dimensions for your online presence.

First, imagine you have a website that is aligned with your goals, with your brand identity. They understand user experience (UX) like no one else; they know how to create seamless navigation through intuitive interfaces, ensuring that every interaction with your website is enjoyable and effortless.

In this digital age where attention spans are fleeting, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role. A web agency can attract the attention of search engines and Google by optimizing your website's structure, content, and keywords so you can surpass your competitors in those coveted rankings.
The services that web agencies can offer are many and it depends on how they are structured. 

Below we present some services offered in smart mode by the Ieros web agency

They can be requested and are provided via e-mail

  1. SEO check: we show you everything you need to fill check the keywords you are missing compared to a competitor. 
  2. SEO comparison: indicate your site and that of a competitor, and we will indicate with reports, the various sections where he is better or worse than you! 
  3. Test and increase the authority of your website. 
  4. Identify important search terms and keywords that the best have and you lack (TF*IDF). 
  5. Check your backlinks against your competitors and increase their number and importance (minimum 10 guaranteed). 
  6. Check and advice on your SERP Snippet Generator, on page.
  7.  Advanced SEO consultancy
  8. Outperform your direct competitor, let us do everything, you will only have to do what we tell you (it takes 3 to 12 months).
  9. Creation of a personalized blog/site from an SEO perspective. 
  10. Creating SEO optimized videos.  Launch of the same on social platforms and beyond at least 5.